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Default Anaconda Frightened 2008, Gordon Liu

Anaconda Frightened 2008 / Gordon Liu (Liu Chia-Hui 劉家輝)
Evidently the girl in the film is Quite a peach. While trying to find photo's for this film ''official'' photos that is to use as a reference for the
film %80 percent of the time all i found was photo's in which she was included. That means the person who was taking the screenshots
was her brother or he really really* thought she deserved ''special attention''. Although the photos are great from this set the same sadly
cannot be be said for the film. While the storyline does roll out somewhat easier and seems to flow better than many many films from
china in the beginning it is better to be able to start and finish than meet the audience halfway and leave them hanging in the middle of
nowhere in the end. Most films from china with comedy in them unless they are done right somehow seem to lose their balance. If that
is the case which it is with this one than the film has tipped the scales and collapsed under an avalanche of untimely comedy.
To its demise which cannot be left unsaid the film is somewhat admonished by its sparking cast. Although Gordon Lui and the girl shown
(whose real name is Jing Tian) do make the film more memorable and their graces do lean favoritism to the movie, the film falls short of
any worth as far as i would ever personally venture enough to reccomend. Perhaps if i ever get to watch it with english subtitles i may not
be so harsh in terms of judgement. Until then Definitely not one that deserves to be kept in the memory at least in the long run...

In the long term well at least as far as Lui Chia Hui's contracts are concerned i wish that he would sign a waver so that his voice cannot
be voiced over in his films. In this one it was, he had the voice that gave me the impression he was 29 years old and was the chinese
equivalent of superman. I was only able to watch an unsubtitled version of the film of Anaconda Frightened i was still able to grasp what
it was about so here’s a general synopsis. A master and his two students are out on the hunt for a zombie frightening the residences of
a small town. Amidst and amongst the horrors of the vampire and the rumors of it's manifestation a young woman falls in love. Will she
able to feel safe in the arms of her lover who is destined to become a vampire himself? Nobody seems to know. As the hateful dead arise
and evil hops abounding in dreadful might it is up to the Master (Played by Gordon Lui) to balance the checkbook of justice as the vampires
try to rip the masters own page in the book of life and stomp him out from the timetables of history. 6.0/10

Here are some other scenes from the movie i threw together. Credit www.Ypoo.com

Display/Content Daigoro-san: I may or may not follow this with additional comments and or photos.

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Anaconda Frightened 2008 遼譕儐骯

(Original Theatrical Poster)
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